Company regd. No. : U31300DL2004ETC127734
rashi cable
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Rashi cable is the world’s No1 wire and cable manufacturing company
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Rashi manufacturing Fire Survival Cables electrical integrity of the cable has to remain intact for at least three hours, so as to activate and maintain crucial functions such as fire fighting, public announcements, smoke extraction systems, sprinkles, emergency lighting, evacuation path lighting systems etc.


Construction : Sinlge Core / Pair / Triad And Multi Cores / Pairs / Triad
Voltage Grade : 600 / 1100 VAC
Conductor : Standard Or Solid Annealed Bare Copper Conductor
Fire Barrier : Glass Mica Tape
Insulation : Cross Linked Polyethylene(XLPE)
Screening : Individual And Or Overall Aluminum Mylar With Tinned Copper Drain Wire Or Braided With Copper
Inner Sheath : FRLSOH
Armouring : Galvanized Steel Wire
Outer Sheath : FRLSOH
Standard : BS:5308 Or Equlvalent With Fire Resistance To BS:6387 / BS:7846 Category CWZ And IEC:60331 Tested For 950 Degree Celsius For 3 Hours.