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Rashi Cables Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of cables suitable for process instrumentation. In the projects related to power generation & distribution. chemical & fertilizer and various other types of engineering industries. The process instrumentation plays a vita role in measurement, supervision and control of the process. Introduction of microprocessor based computerised instrumentation has demanded stringent quality requirements alongwith special electrical parameters for instrumentation cables. Very low level electrical signals pass between measuring end and display units /controllers which are situated far off, These low level signals are prone to external noise pickups and heavy siienuation during transmission.

All this means that the calbes to be used for instrumentation should be designed and manufactured very carefully, Rashi with its meticulous efforts in maintaining quality, stringent in process control during manufacture and have knowledge of manufacring cable, designing is proud to say that we are capable of suppling instrumentation cables, total interference free meeting any Indian f International standard or specific reouirernent desired by p Med authority

Range Of Instrumentation Cables

Conductor : 0.4 Mm Dia (0.126 So. Mm) To 2.5 Sq.Mm, Or Higher Sizes Of Electrolytic Copper Wire, Tinned/Untinned, Solid/Stranded Copper Conductors.
Insulation : 70 Deg. C/85 Deg. C. Grade PVC. Polyethylene, Halogen Free FRLS Polymeric Compounds.
Elements : Pairs/Triples/Quads, Colour Coded/Number Prited Ring Marked / Dual Colour Extruded.
Shield : Aluminum Polyester Tape Screen With Copper Drain Wire Or Alternately With Copper Wire Braiding Individual Element Or Overall Shielding As Specified.
Element Laying : Concentric Formation Or Unit Et Group Formation As Per Applicable Specification.
Amounting : Galvanised Steel Wire/Strip Amount
Sheathing : PVC 70/90 Deg.C, Grade. PVC 91.5, Halogen Free FRLS Polymeric Compounds.
Specification : BS:530B (1 & 2), Iec 189 (1 & 2),