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Rashi Cables Pvt. Ltd.

LT POWER CABLE 1.1KV, grade, Solid / Stranded Copper / Aluminium, Circular / Compact, PVC / XLPE insulated Conductor, Single Core / Multi Core, Inner PVC Sheathed, G.I. Wire / strip Armoured & overall PVC sheathed Cable. IS:1554-I / 1988,IS:7098-I, IEC-60502-I & as per Customer Spec.
CONTROL CABLES 1.1KV, grade, Solid Standard Annealed Bare Copper Cond Conductor, PVC / XLPE insulated, Single Core / Multi Core, Inner PVC sheathed, G.I. Wire/ Strip Armoured / un-armd. & overall PVC sheathed Cable . IS:1554-I / 1988, BS:6346, IS:7098-I, IEC-60502-I & as per Customer Spec.
INSTRUMENTATION / SIGNAL, LOAD CELL/RS 485 SERIAL, DATA COMMUNICATION & MOD BUS CABLES 600/1100 Volts Grade . Stranded / Flexible Annealed Bare/Tinned Copper Conductor , PVC / Polyethylene( PE) Insulated , Cores twisted together to form Pairs / Traids , Shilded with Aluminium Mylar Tape / Copper tape i Copper Braided , Armoured [ Wire / Strip] Un-armd. & overall PVC sheathed Cables BS: 5308-Part I & II, VDE STANDARD & as per Customer Spec.
THERMOCOUPLE EXTENSION & COMPENSATING CABLES. K/J/T/E/N/S/R Type elements PVC I PTFE Insulated , Single pair / Multipair Individual / Overall shielded with Aluminum Mylar Tape Armoured /un-armd Cables. IS: 8784, BS:1843, DIN, 43714 ,ANSI:MC:96:1, IEC-584, JISC-1610 & as per Customer Spec.
TELEPHONE / PA. SYSTEM & JELLY FILLED CABLES Solid Tinned Electrolytic Grade Copper Conductor, PVC insulated , Single pair/ Multipair, Armoured/Unarmoured Cables S/WS-113C, GR/WIR-06/02, GR/WIR-06/03, S/WS114B/1114C and Armoured cables as per IS:1554-I & as per Customer Spec.
CO-AXIAL CABLES Solid /stranded Copper Conductor, PE insulated . Braided , Armd./un-armd & Overall PVC sheathed cables. MIL-C-17F & as per Customers specs.
FLEXIBLE WIRES & CABLES Flexible Annealed Bare/ Tinned Copper Conductor PVC Insulated & sheathed Single Core / Multicore wires & cables IS:694-90 , BS:6004, BS:7211, Type :HO5W-F (301/500V), BS-6500 & as per Customers specs.
FIRE SURVIVAL CABLES Fire Resistant cables having thermosetting insulation low emission smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire. BS:7846, BS:6724, BS: 7211 & as per Customers specs.